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Thamaravila Resort

Hearty Morning Breakfasts

Thamaravila offers a full and substantial breakfast for all of its guests. Breakfast is served from 7 am until 10 am or even further for late risers! Breakfast starts off with a fresh fruit juice or a full fruit platter. This is followed by a full English Breakfast with eggs (served the way you like), toast, sausages and bacon. You may also like an accompaniment of baked beans and a baked tomato? Breakfast is finished off with tea or coffee. For those returning from a morning wildlife safari, a late breakfast can be made at any time you return to the resort. Guests usually come back to the hotel by around 10:00 am after a morning safari at Wilpattu.

Thamaravila Resort

Food On The Move

Picnic Breakfasts
For guests that wish to leave early in the morning for a safari at Wilpattu, we can offer the option of a picnic breakfast that you can consume inside the National Park. Our staff will be happy to pack a special picnic hamper as per each guest’s preferences.
Picnic Snacks, Drinks and Sandwiches
A dedicated Picnic Menu also offers a selection of snacks and sandwiches that our Chef would be delighted to prepare and place in a picnic box for guests on an afternoon safari at Wilpattu. Wilpattu National Park contains several picnic spots near water holes and the Indian Ocean shoreline where guests can alight from their vehicles to consume food.

Thamaravila Resort

Lunch Options

Guests that are at Thamaravila in-between AM and PM wildlife safaris at Wilpattu can order a quick and healthy lunch from our A La Carte Menu featuring a choice of snacks, sandwiches and international specialties. If you are relaxing for the day at the resort and would wish to sample something special and authentic, the chef will be more than pleased to serve up a full Sri Lankan Rice And Curry for lunch as well. Sri Lankans traditionally have a preference for consuming rice and curry for lunch. The kitchen at Thamaravila can serve a host of rare vegetables for curries and salads that are now rarely found in the towns and cities of the island. Of course lunch is usually followed by an afternoon ‘siesta’ as per local traditions!

Thamaravila Resort

Slow Cooked Dinner

Thamaravila’s remote jungle based location and easy access to fresh village grown produce makes it an ideal place to try the island’s delicious cuisine – at least once – on a tour of Sri Lanka! Guests are therefore encouraged to sample a traditional slow-cooked Sri Lankan meal for dinner. This is more like a home cooked meal featuring authentic ingredients with beautiful aromatic flavours. However, if you wish to stick to international dishes or familiar Western cuisine and prefer to avoid spicy cuisine, this is not a problem either. Guests that wish to sample other meal options are most welcome to discuss any special requests with the chef by advance notice.

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Thamaravila Resort

Sri Lankan Fruits And Sweetmeats

Seasonal fruits are given out on a complimentary basis to guests in their chalets or in the Main Block. Some fruits such as Jackfruit and Papaya are found throughout the year. The traditional ‘season’ for fresh fruit is between May and August and during this time guests can feast on a delicious assortment of fruit that includes Mangosteen, Rambuttan and Passion Fruit. Thamaravila also offers a complimentary selection of tasty local sweetmeats such as Kavum, Kokis, Thalaguli and Asme, all sourced from local villages nearby on availability. Cookery classes and demonstrations are easily arranged upon request.

Thamaravila Resort

Music And Films While You Eat

Guests can also use the resorts Braven portable outdoor Bluetooth player to listen to their favourite music during mealtimes at any location within the resort. The resort’s I Pod has a huge database of songs from the 1950s to the present day. Thamaravila also has an outdoor film projector and large outdoor screen that can be installed anywhere you wish to experience ‘Films In The Jungle’ while you enjoy your BBQ or dinner at your chosen location. The resort contains a comprehensive database of the ‘greatest movies of all time’ including a selection of classic kids movies too!

Thamaravila Resort

Camp Fire Safari BBQ

Thamaravila offers its guests the chance to enjoy a very special safari camp fire BBQ on the lawn, surrounded by the trees of the jungle. First, firewood is collected by the staff and set alight as soon as dusk approaches at Thamaravila. It is an amazing experience to sit around a ‘real’ open fire in jungle surroundings while listening to the popping embers. The Chef will then prepare a BBQ in front of your eyes. Depending on local availability, guests can have a choice of seafood (grilled fish, prawn, squid) or meat (chicken, beef, pork) and tasty Sri Lankan sausages, all served with salad, coleslaw and garlic bread.

Thamaravila Resort

Eat Wherever You Like!

Thamaravila is a large property of over 7 acres. We encourage guests to dine outdoors in the magnificence of nature whenever the weather allows. Each chalet has its own private outdoor dining table and chairs sheltered by a butterfly shade sail. This is an ideal location for morning breakfasts. Alternatively, guests can dine in the designer chic of the Main Block dining tables that are situated next to the living area of the Main Block. If you require a private, intimate dining experience to celebrate a special occasion, the staff will be delighted to prepare a special dining area at any location of your choice!