thamaravila resort activities

Just ask your ranger!

Game Drives

There are two daily game drives at Thamaravila Wilpattu, one leaving early in the morning and one leaving late afternoon, each lasting around three to four hours. Full-day game-drive of Wilpattu National Park can be arranged on your choice.

You should always keep your eyes peeled with your dedicated ranger who will tailor your game drive just for you, because your game drive will leave you with some everlasting memories.

Morning Drives

You might not be a morning person but it’s certainly worth getting out of bed for this. Your ranger will meet you and your morning adventure begins at first light 05:30-06:00am. As sun light dawns over the Wilpattu National Park, you will be treated to the beauty of the splendid Ceylon wilds.

This is generally the best time to spot the wildlife, as the temperature is cool and the animals and birds are still very active, including the leopard which will be returning from a night of hunting.

Afternoon Drives

There is something special about the wild as the late afternoon light starts to fade. The animals start to mingle from their day time slumber and predatory animals will start trailing their target. It's common to stop for sundowners as the sun sets. It is a magical experience with Birds, Sloth Bear, Elephant and the leopard.

5 Tips to Make the Game Drive of your own

  • Do not bring your mobile phone.
  • Leave your mobile phones behind to keep calm the wild.

  • Take binoculars.
  • We provide a pair of binoculars on each game drive but if you have got your own you should certainly bring them.

  • Bring a good camera.
  • Some of the animals may not like to be captured having the camera flash on . So please be mindful when you use the flash. Just ask your Ranger for guidance.

  • Wear sunglasses to keep your eyes fresh to spot better sightings.
  • Wear pale and neutral colors to avoid the attention of the animals.