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Conserve the earth!

Planting Trees

We have implemented a sustainability initiative to plant trees to provide shelter, food and a healthy habitat to hundreds of thousands of species. Guests at Thamaravila have the opportunity to be a part of this profound initiative by planting trees. We majorly plant 'mee' ,'kumbuk' 'madam' ,'nelli' and 'thibiri'. The trees also serve a long-term goal as natural air purifiers that release clean “Oxygen” for humans and animals to breathe and helps the soil retain.

MEE tree (Madhuca Longifolia) is an excellent tree that releases “oxygen” during the day and at night.

It provides significant benefits such as acting as natural pest control booster, contribution towards producing of organic fertilizer and also as a source for herbal medicines.

Rain Water Harvesting

Thamaravila Wilpattu consumes around 5000L of water daily which has been collected from rain water harvesting system at the lodge. It reduces soil erosion, flood hazards and indirect carbon emissions.

Featuring Natural Thatched Roofs

Coconut Thatch is a natural insulator that will keep chalets chill and health friendly. We replace thatch every year but the most important fact is the waste is biodegradable.

We source thatch locally. Our suppliers are self-employed elderly women living in nearby villages (age 60 above).They mostly spend our funds to fulfill their medical requirement.

Avoid Plastic

We provide reusable glass bottles in guest rooms for drinking water.

We do not provide disposable toiletry items in guest bathrooms. All the bottles are refilled with Authentic Ceylonese products which have been provided by a locally based supplier with a commitment to the sustainability.